World Wide & All Live




Show Production

I have been implementing the “Live communication” strategies of German event agencies since 1996 in the fields of Gala Events, Theater, Television, Film, Fashion, Fairs and Product Presentations.


1 company, 22 years, 25 countries, 199 clients, 700+ shows...

Live Performance

My passion to perform has led me to dance in 20 countries, on 5 continents over 20 years in every commercial style of dance.


2 continents, 4 styles, 7 schools, 28 years...


Teaching internationally to a wide variety of interest groups since 1988.

Creating classes and workshops for artists of many disciplines and skill levels.

Musical Theater acting and dancing, Hip-Hop/Break-dance, Ballet/Partnering, Stage combat...

Schools in Europe:
Cologne Pole Fitness, Amsterdam Dance Center, Cologne Dance Center , T.O.C./ Extra Energy - Köln

Schools in USA:
School of Oregon Ballet Theater, School of Pacific Ballet Theater, Abts American Dance Theater, Carla Weber School of Dance, Hillsborough Dance Academy, Portland Public Schools, Stites Center.